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Scenes from I Admire A Ghost

A film script by Nurul Fajriyah

Mulan Adeline is a spoiled girl and 15 years old, goes to the supermarket with her sister. Her sister’s name is Dani Mayang Adeline who is 23 years old. Mulan not interests in shopping so she goes to the toilet and hides in there.


In the toilet, Mulan meets a cleaning service who names Giring Raniji. For a moment, MCU Mulan feels a sense of enchantment with CUT TO MS Giring’s beauty. CUT TO MS Mulan looks Giring seriously until forget to switch off CUT TO the washbasin. CLOSE TO MS Mulan wishes that Giring comes to her.

GIRING. [CLOSE TO MS says softly]. Excuse me, Miss. Please switch off the washbasin if you not use it anymore!
MULAN. [PAN RIGHT MS feels ashamed and closes the washbasin directly]. Oh, yes…
GIRING. [PAN LEFT MCU friendly]. Is it your first time to come here?
MULAN. [PAN RIGHT MS looks to GIRING]. Yup. [MS ZOOM IN TO MCU.] I’m less interested to accompany my sister who shops so I have an idea to hide in this toilet.
GIRING. [PAN LEFT MCU answers briefly]. O. [MCU ZOOM OUT TO MLS lifts a pail which contain dirty water.]
MULAN. [ZOOM TO MS asks with spoiled voice]. Where are you going, Giring?
GIRING. [CLOSE TO MS replies while smile]. I will clean the next toilet. [MS ZOOM IN TO MCU expresses a wonder]. How do you know my name?
MULAN. [CUT TO LS TO MULAN AND GIRING points her index finger to the left side of GIRING’S chest.] Your name is written on your shirt. [Pause.] I think the closet number three is still dirty.
[GIRING catches what MULAN’S mean so he cleans the third toilet.]
[SOUND UP …You can stand under my umbrella ella ella…SOUND OVER (the sound of MULAN’S mobile phone ring tones).]
MULAN. [CUT TO MS puts her mobile phone from her bag, answers the phone, and turns her body ZOOM OUT TO MLS closes to the door]. Hello! [ZOOM IN TO CU whispers.] Sister Dani, I’m still in the toilet. I don’t want comeback to that place again because I’m dizzy to hear the weird voice from the buyers.
[SISTER DANI answers that it’s OK if MULAN don’t want comeback to that place again and she will wait MULAN in the car parking.]
MULAN. [CU ZOOM OUT TO MS]. OK. (closes her mobile phone and enters it to her bag, turns her body.] Giring, can I… [CUT TO CU wrinkles her forehead because GIRING suddenly disappears. CU ZOOM OUT TO MCU scratches her head with her left hand and says with angry]. Huh, it’s because Sister Dani called me so Giring went away. [MULAN goes hurriedly to the car parking and obviously SISTER DANI already waits there.]



MCU TO Sister Dani stands in front of her car. She will call Mulan but suddenly CUT TO MS Mulan comes up.

SISTER DANI. [MCU enters her mobile phone to her bag and complains]. Where have you been? You are very so long.
MULAN. [PAN LEFT MCU expresses an angry face]. Whatever. [MCU ZOOM OUT TO MLS opens the car directly and sits in the front-left side of the car.]
SISTER DANI. [CUT TO CU stands and looks MULAN from the outside and also expresses an angry face]. You are weird, Mulan. I asked you to go to the supermarket but you dislike it. Instead, you like to go to the supermarket out there. [Pause.] What is going on in that toilet? [SISTER DANI enters her goods to the baggage.]
MULAN. [CUT TO CU angry and resentful]. I don’t care about your goods so you don’t need care about me. Do you understand?
SISTER DANI. [CLOSE TO MS enters to the car and resentful]. I’m tired to talk with you, Mulan.



The morning sun still hide behind the cloud and the air is still cold to be inhaled. Nevertheless Mulan can’t feel those. She already stands in front of the supermarket gate until 30 minutes for waiting the supermarket is opened.

MULAN. [CLOSE TO ELS resentful]. Uhh, it’s very so long.
[Not long time after that, the supermarket gate is opened fully. Directly, MULAN asks to THE SECURITY who opens the gate.]
MULAN. [ELS ZOOM IN TO MS confirms to THE SECURITY]. Excuse me, Sir. Is the supermarket already opened?
THE SECURITY. [CUT TO MS wonders]. Is it you who already stands until 30 minutes in front of the supermarket gate?
MULAN. [PAN LEFT]. He…he…he… yes, Sir. [CUT TO CU smile.] Are you bored with my question?
THE SECURITY. [PAN RIGHT bored]. It’s your third question. [Pause.] The supermarket is already opened so you can enter right now.
MULAN. [PAN LEFT MS happy]. Well, thank you, Sir.
THE SECURITY. [CUT TO MS wonders]. I think she doesn’t want miss the sale…
[THE SECURITY pronunciation stops because he looks MULAN goes toward the toilet that placed beside the supermarket. He wonders why she not enters the supermarket entrance. THE SECURITY approaches MULAN with many questions in his mind.]



THE SECURITY. [MS ZOOM OUT TO LS closes and explains to MULAN]. Excuse me, Miss. This is a toilet and that is the entrance door. [CUT TO MS points his index finger to the entrance door.]
MULAN. [CUT TO MS resentful]. Yes, Sir. I know it.
THE SECURITY. [PAN RIGHT MS interrogates]. Mmm, you are here because you want to shop right?
MULAN. [PAN LEFT MS]. That’s right if I have time to shop.
[THE SECURITY confuses with MULAN’S explanation. He not asks any questions anymore because he is worry that he will more confused with MULAN’S explanation.]
MULAN. [CLOSE TO MULAN and THE SECURITY MS]. When the toilet is opened, Sir?
[THE SECURITY looks MULAN with wonder because she wants to enter the toilet hurriedly.]
MULAN. [Points her index finger to the door]. I want to enter the toilet because I want to urinate, Sir.
THE SECURITY. [PAN RIGHT MS relieves]. Oh… so you want to urinate? [CUT TO MULAN and THE SECURITY MS looks to MULAN and gives suggestion.] I think it’s better if you use the toilet which is placed inside of the supermarket, Miss…
MULAN. [PAN LEFT MCU points her index finger to herself]. Mulan, my name is Mulan. [MCU ZOOMOUT TO MS compels.] No, I want this toilet, Sir. [Humps her body to make sure THE SECURITY.] Hurry up Sir, before I urinate in here.
[Without think anymore THE SECURITY runs to his office to take the key FADE OUT.]
MULAN. [CUT TO MS mocks]. Sorry Sir, I deceive you. [A minute later, her behavior become soft when GIRING comes.] [CLOSE TO MULAN and GIRING MS spoiled.] Hi, Giring! Would you like to open the door for me? I can’t restrain my urine.
GIRING. OK. [CUT TO MS takes the key and open the door.] Have you been here for a long time?
MULAN. [CLOSE TO MULAN and GIRING MS looks GIRING and spoiled]. Oh, no. [Pause.] I just have been here and suddenly I want to urinate.



CLOSE TO MS After opened the door, Giring switches the lamp. CUT TO MS Mulan goes quickly to the third closet. CUT TO MS Giring cleans the washbasin whereas Mulan is still in the closet almost half an hour. Obviously, she prepares some questions for Giring as chat matter. CUT TO MS Finally, Mulan comes up from the closet.

GIRING. [CLOSE TO MS cleans the washbasin while looks to MULAN]. Mulan, I think you are unconscious because you are so long in there.
MULAN. [ZOOM MS smile and closes to GIRING]. Oh, it’s a girl business. [MS ZOOM IN TO MCU pause, wonders.] By the way, how do you know my name?
GIRING. [PAN LEFT looks to MULAN and smile]. That’s also my business.
MULAN. [PAN RIGHT MS mocks to GIRING and smile]. Obviously, you also can joke.
[CLOSE TO MULAN and GIRING LS GIRING cleans the big mirror and MULAN stands next the fifth washbasin. They are laughing, joking, telling, and mocking together.]
GIRING. [LS ZOOM IN TO MCU looks MULAN]. I think you like to do some strange things.
MULAN. [PAN RIGHT MCU wrinkles her forehead and smile]. Mmm, how do you know that?
GIRING. [CLOSE TO MULAN and GIRING MCU serious]. It’s better if you not do the stupid thing because you will regret it.
MULAN. [looks to GIRING seriously]. Why?
GIRING. [looks to MULAN and replies in a loud voice]. Don’t do it!
[MULAN feels scared.]
GIRING. [CUT TO CU regretful]. I used to do stupid thing and I regret it right now. [Pause.] I can’t do anything anymore.
MULAN. [CLOSE TO MULAN and GIRING MCU gives spirit to GIRING]. Never mind, Giring. The important thing is you have to rise up right now. [Pause.] Don’t give up!
[GIRING is quite and doesn’t say a word. MULAN is more interested in GIRING’S beauty. Unconsciously, she already talked to GIRING until two hours.]
[SOUND UP … You can stand under my umbrella ella ella eh… eh… (the sound of MULAN’S mobile phone ring tones).]
MULAN. [PAN RIGHT MCU takes her mobile phone from her bag and replies]. Hello, Sister Dani! [Pause, shocked.] Oh, my God, I forget it. All right, I will shop right now.
GIRING. [CLOSE TO MULAN and GIRING MCU worry]. What happened, Mulan? Why you look so shocked?
MULAN. [replies while walks out from the toilet]. I forget to shop my sister’s orders. See you, Giring!
[GIRING gives a sweet smile which makes MULAN flies.]



MULAN. [MS ZOOM OUT TO LS stands in front of the entrance while brings a bag plastic which contains her sister’s orders on her left hand]. Finally, I can finish my shopping. [LS ZOOM IN TO MS goes toward the toilet to meet GIRING again.]
SISTER DANI. [CUT TO MS calls MULAN’S name in a loud voice and walks toward MULAN]. Mulan… Mulan…
MULAN. [stops walking and says to herself]. Haaa! That’s Sister Dani’s voice. [Turns her body. That’s right, the woman who screams her name is SISTER DANI. Resentful.] Sister Dani? Why you are here?
SISTER DANI. [CLOSE TO MS closes MULAN and angry]. Why you are so long? My orders are not much but you are shopping until two hours. [Pause.] I suspect that you come to that toilet again so I come afterward from home for you.
MULAN. [PAN RIGHT MS apologize while whimpers]. I’m sorry, Sis. I…
SISTER DANI. [CLOSE TO SISTER DANI and MULAN MS takes MULAN’S right hand]. Come on! Lets go home!



When they were in the car parking, they meet The Security who was deceived by Mulan.

THE SECURITY. [CLOSE TO THE SECURITY MS looks to MULAN and ascertains]. Oh, are you the girl who wanted to enter the toilet? [Pause.] I looked for you but I can’t find you. [MS ZOOM IN TO MCU serious.] That toilet was not used for a long time.
MULAN. [PAN RIGHT MS looks to THE SECURITY while laughs]. Ah, you are joking, Sir. I just come to the toilet…Oops! [MS ZOOM IN TO MCU closes her mouth directly.]
SISTER DANI. [PAN LEFT MS resentful]. So, what I said was right. You went to that toilet. [Takes MULAN’S right hand.] Lets go home!
[MULAN enters the car directly without defense whereas THE SECURITY still confused with what MULAN says.]



The next day, Mulan comes to the supermarket again. But at this time, there is a ‘CLOSED’ writing that hangs on the supermarket gate. Mulan confuses and decides to find someone who can be asked. Fortunately, the same security as yesterday comes out from the gate.

MULAN. [MS ZOOM OUT TO LS walks toward THE SECURITY]. Excuse me, Sir. [CLOSE TO MS peeps from the gate to see the supermarket.] Why the supermarket is closed?
THE SECURITY. [PAN LEFT MS wonders]. Oh, you again? [CLOSE TO THE SECURITY and MULAN looks to MULAN and explains.] Miss Mulan, we are demolishing the building which is placed beside the supermarket. Therefore the supermarket is closed.
MULAN. [PAN RIGHT looks to THE SECURITY and confuses]. Demolishing the building, Sir? Which building?
THE SECURITY. [PAN LEFT looks to MULAN and confirms]. The toilet that you entered yesterday.
[MULAN enters the gate.]



It was right that the toilet is demolished. It was a place where she and Giring met for the first time. But the toilet that she sees is very dirty not like yesterday that the toilet was very clean.

MULAN. [CLOSE TO MS looks to the half ruined toilet and asks with a weak voice]. Why the toilet is demolished, Sir?
THE SECURITY. [PAN RIGHT MS looks to MULAN]. After held some investigations, there often happened some odd things.
MULAN. [PAN LEFT MCU looks to THE SECURITY and anxious]. What do you mean with odd things, Sir?
THE WOMAN EMPLOYEE. [PAN LEFT MS answers MULAN’S question]. I ever heard a man cried or sung in the toilet, the sound of water that flowed from the washbasin. [Pause, looks to MULAN.] The toilet was closed for along time ago since there was a man suicide.
MULAN. [CUT TO MCU shocked]. What? Suicide? Who?
THE WOMAN EMPLOYEE. [PAN LEFT MS asks to THE SECURITY]. Do you remember with the incident which happened three years ago? The man was leaved by her fiancée to marry with another man. The man felt desperate and suicide in that toilet. [Pause.] He was handsome but did stupid thing.
MULAN. [CUT TO MS scare]. Who was the man’s name?
MULAN. [CUT TO MCU very shocked]. Giring??? No way!!! [Cries.] So during these two days, I talked with… Nooo…
[CLOSE TO MCU MULAN is unconscious. CUT TO THE SECURITY and THE WOMAN EMPLOYEE are panic. They are asking a help to several supermarket employers who watch the half ruined toilet. CUT TO The several supermarket employers come for them. CUT TO MS Suddenly, her sister comes up and closes MULAN who is unconscious. CLOSE TO THE SECURITY carries MULAN to her car and he is followed by her sister, THE WOMAN EMPLOYEE, and several supermarket employers. SISTER DANI brings her to the home.]



In home, Sister Dani places Mulan on the bed. Sister Dani sits next Mulan and looks her anxiously.

SISTER DANI. [CLOSE TO MCU calls softly]. Mulan… Mulan
MULAN. [CUT TO MCU opens her eyes slowly and asks with a low voice]. Where I am?
SISTER DANI. [PAN LEFT MCU relieves that MULAN is conscious]. You are in home.
MULAN. [PAN RIGHT MCU scare]. Sis, I don’t want comeback to that supermarket anymore. [Pause.] And I don’t want comeback to that toilet again. [MCU ZOOM IN TO CU cries and embraces to her sister.] Hiks… hiks… hiks…
SISTER DANI. [MCU ZOOM IN TO CU calms]. It’s OK right now, Mulan. Cup…cup…cup…
MULAN. [Cries]. He is a ghost. I don’t want with him anymore. Hiks… hiks… hiks…
SISTER DANI. [CUT TO MCU makes MULAN lies on the bed]. I know. [Pause.] All of the employers were confused when you entered that dirty toilet…
MULAN. [PAN RIGHT MCU shocks and sobs]. Hah, dirty? But the toilet was clean and neat.
SISTER DANI. [PAN LEFT MCU calms]. Never mind, Mulan. It’s better if you take a rest. [Corrects MULAN’S blanket.] I will take a cup of tea for you.
[MULAN closes her eyes and SISTER DANI walks toward the door. A few minutes later, there is a smell of tea.]
GIRING. [MLS ZOOM IN TO MCU sits next MULAN]. This is your tea, Mulan. Drink it while it’s warm!
MULAN. [CUT TO MCU says to herself]. That voice is… [Opens her eyes.] Hah!!! Gi… Gi… Giring?!?
GIRING. [PAN LEFT MCU smile]. Hi, Mulan!
MULAN. [PAN RIGHT CU screams as loud as she can]. Nooo…!!! [MULAN is unconscious again.]

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