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A film script by Vera Shelviana


TINI. [CU. screaming]. Aarrgh!! It must be MAS POPO’s creation. [TINI go to MAS POPO’s room immediately calling MAS POPO many times]. MAS POPO! MAS POPO! MAS POPO! [When TINI arrived in MAS POPO’s room, she found that MAS POPO was sleeping. CUT TO MCU. She was pushing MAS POPO’s body until he fall down but he keep sleeping]. Oh, God! You sleep like a dead. [CUT TO CU. TINI gets more and angrier so she ran to take a bucket of water. She would splash the water on his face and Byuuur...]

MAS POPO. [CUT TO CU. Shocking]. Oatz! What’s wrong with you?

TINI. [CUT TO MCU. in a bad tempered]. Get out of my house!

MAS POPO. What’s the problem?

TINI. Are you mad? You gave my little baby a bottle of beer. He is very drunk now and it is hard for me to forgive you this time so get out of my house!

MAS POPO. Are you sure wanted to eliminate me from your house, my lovely siesta?

TINI. What?? Stupid question! Of course, I’m very sure.



CU. MAS POPO got out of his sister’s house and went to campus. In a campus’s corner with a lot of shading and of course many couple are in love until they don’t know that ‘THE THREE MASKENTHEER’ have arrived there. MAS POPO met his two best friends there, MAS LANA and MAS DIPO.

THREE MASKENTHEER [CUT TO CU. surprising]. Pal, I was thrown out of my house. [They are starring each other]

MAS LANA. [CUT TO CU]. Pal, I’m more convince that God create us to be together all the time during in our life. [They are hugging each other like in the movie in “TELETUBBIES”. The sweetest thing in this story]

MAS POPO. [CUT TO CU. explaining]. I was thrown out because I made my nephew got drunk. I gave him a bottle of beer when he was crying as if he wishes somebody come to give him something to cure his dry throat. And I’m, MAS POPO who be a little fairy for my nephew but my kindness made my sister angry and here I am.

MAS LANA. [CUT TO CU]. You are totally sick! I think you must repair your brain until it can work properly, hwahahaha…

MAS POPO. [CUT TO CU. annoying]. Don’t laugh at me like that! So what is your problem with your family?

MAS LANA. [CUT TO CU]. I made my Daddy in a high tempered. I sold his lovely chicken and I use that money to buy a play station’s cassette “The Adventure of Dani and Maya”. Ooh my dreamed cassette, finally I can get that but I was thrown out by my Daddy..hikz…hikz…

MAS POPO. [CUT TO CU]. Cup…Cup…Cup... [Trying to calm MAS LANA down]

MAS LANA . [CUT TO MCU to MAS DIPO]. How about you?

MAS DIPO. [CUT TO CU]. Because I was sang when I was taking a bath. [MAS POPO keeps silent as if he understands what MAS DIPO mean]

MAS LANA. [CUT TO CU]. What do you mean? I don’t understand!

MAS DIPO. [CUT TO CU]. Because of my voice FRODO was dying. It is ridiculous but that’s the truth.

MAS LANA. [CUT TO CU]. You mean FRODO your little sister’s monkey? Hwahahahaha…… How stupid we are!!



MS. After that unexpected experience, they want to prove to their family that they can live without their help. They are thinking to find a job.

MAS POPO. [CUT TO CU. suggesting]. Guys, lets find a job!

MAS DIPO. [CUT TO CU]. What can we do?

MAS POPO. [CUT TO CU. giving his greatest idea]. Aaahaaaa…. How about working in a restaurant?

MAS LANA. [CUT TO CU. mocking]. How smart are you? It is rarely happen in your life, right? Congratulation, my Pal! Hwahahahaha……

MAS POPO. [CUT TO CU]. Heh??? [Many question mark in MAS POPO’s brain, he still don’t know what they were laughing about]



MAS DIPO. [CU. in his spirit]. OK! Let’s do it, guys! [CUT TO MS. THREE MASKENTHEER went to “Sakanane Resto”. They would like to apply for a job there. And luckily they were accepted on that restaurant as a ‘dishes washer’. They were work as good as they could. Firstly, it was running smoothly but in the middle of their work, MAS POPO splashed the dishes’s water to MAS LANA’s face. MAS LANA replied that action. And finally they got chaos in the back sink until the place was getting dirty and disgusting. Because of noisy, TONO the manager looked out what was happening. He decided to go to back sink and unfortunately Byuuuur…..a bucket of water was poured onto TONO’s body. THREE MASKENTHEER were staring each other]

MAS POPO. [CUT TO CU. apologizing]. Oh, God! I’m so sorry, Sir.

TONO. [CUT TO CU. saying in a bad tempered]. Aaargh!!! All of you are fired!

MAS LANA. [CUT TO CU. trying to explain]. But… [Unfortunately, TONO has left the room and them gone sadly…]



ELS. On Wednesday 15, they have arrived in”PASARAYA GRANDE”. It was the brightest day during this scene. Suddenly, priitt….priitt….priitt….A parking man was parking a car in the sun parking area and this situation became the good inspiration for MAS LANA.

MAS LANA. [CUT TO CU. saying in the best action as a hero that has already saved the world]. My Pal, I have a good job to do and it seems to be easy.

MAS POPO and MAS DIPO. [CUT TO MCU. asking at the same time]. What?

MAS LANA. [CUT TO CU]. As a ‘parking man’! hwahahaha….is it good enough, right?

MAS DIPO. [CUT TO CU. saying in a big smile]. Let’s do it again, guys!

MAS POPO. [CUT TO MCU to MAS DIPO. CUT TO LS]. It seems to be a good job. It is easy a car was hitting a hydrant because of MAS LANA’s careless. He parked a car while he saw a beautiful and sexy lady walking through the parking area.

MAS LANA. [CUT TO CU. shouting]. Damn!! God!! Bitchy girl!! I’m sorry, Sir. I don’t mean it.

THE DRIVER. [CUT TO CU. angrily]. What have you done? God damn it! You stupid dumb old jerk!

MAS LANA. [CUT TO CU. apologizing]. I’m sorry, Sir.

THE DRIVER. [CUT TO MCU]. What? You make my car broken and you just said ‘sorry’. How easy it is! [CUT TO MS. Fuss and hot debate were happened between MAS LANA and THE DRIVER. MAS POPO and MAS DIPO just are good spectators. After a couple of hour, they were reaching a deal, MAS LANA would change all of the financial loss that he has made. CUT TO CU. And THREE MASKENTHEER gone sadly….They kept walking and walking until a very bad voice break the loneliness]



MAS DIPO. [CU. asking in a bad voice]. What will we do next? [CUT TO MCU. MAS POPO and MAS LANA kept in silence, no one answered his question. CUT TO CU. MAS DIPO gets bored and desperate until he revealed an idea]. Lets continue our life begin with being a ‘street singer’!

MAS LANA. [CUT TO MCU]. Aahaaa…..Great!!



MAS POPO. [CU]. Its show time, guys. [CUT TO MCU. A guitar, a bottle aqua and MAS DIPO’s voice became their capital as a street singer beginner. Inside DAMRI, a good music was played in a good rhythm but when MAS DIPO begin to sing, Oatz…like a bomb that ever happened in Bali, everybody has shocked]

PASSENGER 1. [CUT TO CU. shouting]. Huuuu……Huuuu…… [CUT TO MS. Everybody in that bus was shouting and mumbling. One passenger got dying until he already vomits because of MAS DIPO’s voice ]

PASSENGER 2. [CUT TO CU. mocking]. Hey!! Is that your bad voice or very bad voice? [CUT TO MS. All of the passengers were laughing]. Get out of this bus, Man!!

ALL PASSENGERS. [CUT TO LS. agreeing]. Yes. Out! Out! Out! [CUT TO MCU. Finally, they got down from that bus. It was happen again, again and again until they got very tired and sleep under the bridge]



MAS POPO. [CU. making decision]. I can not stand it anymore.

MAS LANA. [CUT TO CU]. Yes, me too.


MAS LANA. [CUT TO MCU]. Lets go back home!

MAS DIPO. Yeah… You are right. There was no comfort and save place except home.

MAS POPO. I will promise to my sister that I’ll never do those stupid things anymore.

MAS LANA. [CUT TO CU]. OK! Let’s move guys! [CUT TO LS CUT TO MCU. They went back to their home. They kept their promise and live normally and finally this is the end of the adventure of THREE MASKENTHEER...C U Later]


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